A417 Missing Link – Application for a Development Consent Order

The Highways England application for a Development Consent Order has been accepted for Examination by the Planning Inspectorate (on behalf of the Secretary of State). 

The Parish Council has made representation to register to become an Interested Party to take part in the Examination of the above application and will continue to press the concerns raised by the Parish.

Any person may make representations on the Application to the Secretary of State (that is: giving notice of any interest in, or objection to the Application). 

If you should wish to do so, details of the way in which representations must be made are included in the Section 56 notice here. 

Any representation relating to the Application must be submitted on a registration form and give the grounds on which it is made. The Inspectorate has issued detailed advice on registering as an Interested Party and making a Relevant Representation, to which you are advised to have regard. This Advice Note (8.2 – How to Register to Participate in an Examination) is published on the National Infrastructure Planning website under ‘Legislation and Advice’ and can be found at: https://infrastructure.planninginspectorate.gov.uk/legislation-and-advice/advice-notes/

Representations must be received by the Inspectorate no later than 23:59 on Thursday 2 September 2021. Please note that any submitted representations to the Inspectorate will be published on the National Infrastructure Planning website for the Application. 

If you make a Relevant Representation, however, your Representation will only be relevant if you make it on time and you answer all of the mandatory fields on the form.


Coberley PC has been involved in all the relevant consultations since the project was launched, some 7 – 8 years ago, has rigorously considered and challenged the various proposals, has kept residents briefed on proposals and consultations and has presented Parish views and concerns to Highways England.

Ultimately, the PC accepted that Option 30 of the scheme offered the optimum solution to provide the A417 Missing Link.

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