Surveys and Questionnaires

Message from the Parish Council

Thank you to everyone who took part in the community hall survey.
35 responses were received, some 25% of those consulted. Of these, 16 were for and 19 against the proposal.
It is the responsibility of the Council to provide balanced representation of all parishioners.
Given that a majority of the responses are opposed to the proposal, and some 75% of consultees have not responded to the survey, the Parish Council will not pursue the proposed community hall project.

A Community Centre for Coberley Parish

Coberley Primary School and Coberley Parish Council are working together on a proposal to create a new Hall in the grounds of the School. 

This will provide the wider community with a centre for a wide range of social​, cultural, artistic, fitness and educational activities and provide the School with enhanced facilities for teaching and extra-curricular activities.

The scattered communities of the Parish will have a focal point where they can come together, with the School and Church becoming more integrated into the local community. 

Unlike most surrounding parishes, there is currently no such facility available to the community in Coberley Parish.

Before we proceed, we want to hear from you, – your ideas for activities which could take place in the new Centre, together with any suggestions, offers to help, as well as any concerns which you may have. This will help shape the project.

Please, therefore, take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire via the link below.

Community Hall Intro and Survey – web

Thank you

Coberley Housing Needs Survey November 2017

The Parish Council commissioned Gloucestershire Rural Community Council to undertake a Housing Need Survey in the Parish in September of this year, the findings are now available.

The full report can be viewed here and the executive summary here

Coberley Housing Needs Survey February 2015

Coberley Parish Council commissioned Gloucestershire Rural Community Council to undertake a Housing Need Survey in order to ascertain the affordable housing needs within the parish. Surveys were sent to 110 households and 46 (37%) replies were returned to GRCC.

You can view the Executive Summary here

and the full Final Report here

From time to time the Council seeks the views of the parishioners by means of surveys or questionnaires. These, together with the results, will be published on this page.


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