Parish Emergency Plan

Coberley Parish has established an Emergency Plan and Volunteer Team

This largely invloves self help within our neighbourhood in times of emergency. The concept has been brought about because we can no longer assume that when things go wrong the authorities, such as the Police, Highways Agency, County Council and District Council, whose assistance we used to take for granted, will be in a position to come to our aid within a reasonable period of time.

The sort of emergencies in mind are heavy snow falls, flooding (and conversely water shortage) broken down vehicles, fallen trees, power failures, emergency supplies, missing persons etc.

When we think about all these issues we realise that every parish has enormous potential for self help which we could harness within a simple structure.

Importantly, one of our greatest assets will be the farming community whose expertise and mechanical equipment, backed in many cases by the National Farmers Union, give them the capability to perform many tasks.

However, it is not just help from the farming community that we need. We are always looking for volunteers around the Parish, especially those with the appropriate ability, skills, training and resources, who are willing to add their names to a list of people who can be called upon in an emergency and who can work independently or within a team.

Occasions when this type of community support is genuinely needed are very rare and have only arisen on some 7 – 10 occasions over the last 50 years. In many cases our aim would be simply to ‘contain’ a situation pending the arrival of the official trained personnel.

If you are willing and able to become involved, please contact the Parish Clerk on info@coberley The attached response form will enable you to provide the relevant information.

We do hope we can count on your support.

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