Computer Aid

Our District Councillor has made the Parish Council aware of the following offer by one of the Ward residents.

Ermin Ward Covid-19 Computer Aid

During this time of isolation, it’s more important and helpful than ever to have access to the internet, a computer or smartphone and the knowledge of how to use it! Are you, a member of your family, or someone you know struggling with technology and could use some help with setting up or learning how to use Skype, Whatsapp, iPlayer, online radio or join an online exercise class, for example? If you’re reading this on Facebook or another social network, you’re probably pretty up to speed with computers and smartphones, but have you checked with your older neighbours who are not online, whether they would like to be during this time?

We can help older or less technologically-minded members of the community with a computer, smartphone and internet troubleshooting or advice and provide a patient and listening ear to help with teaching them how to get involved with helpful technology. We can do this over the phone, or we can travel to people’s houses within the following areas to pick up their devices to install the software: Winstone, Brimpsfield, Elkstone, Syde and Caudle Green, Miserden, Edgeworth, the Duntisbournes, Whiteway. We will then return these after thoroughly disinfecting them to protect everyone’s health!

Examples of things we can help with:

  • Installing Skype or other video calling platforms and teaching how to use these to speak to family and friends
  • Teaching and guidance on how to make phones or computers more accessible (by using dictation or larger text, for example)
  • Showing someone how they can access online TV and radio using a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Setting up new devices for people to use and showing what can be done with them
  • Getting someone set up with social platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp and teaching them how to use these
  • Teaching someone how to open an email or WhatsApp attachments on their phone
  • And other issues that people may encounter when adjusting to new technology.

If you or someone you know needs help with problems like these, you can get in contact with us in the following ways:

We will do our best to help with problems that come our way from those members of the community who are not as familiar with technology, but to be clear we are ***not a computer repair shop*** if you are already a competent computer user and are looking for general troubleshooting or there is a more terminal issue with your device please find a local computer repair instead.

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